About HSB


Wireless services ARE the future. Wireless is the bridge between the performance of fiber and the affordability of DSL or Cable. A wireless service provider can reach outlying areas where the traditional wired systems do not reach, and reach it faster, where a wired service can take months or longer to be installed.

Hot Spot Broadband offers a broadband fixed wireless network that uses point-to-multipoint technology, powered by the latest in wireless technologies. Our network employs the most advanced broadband wireless technology with a projected up-time of 99.9 percent. Broadband wireless access is a next-generation technology that is quick to install, cost-effective, fast, and reliable. For business customers Hot Spot Broadband wireless infrastructure will easily integrate with your existing network.

Some reasons you should make the switch to wireless:


Installation usually within 72 hours of request!


Regardless of where you live*, you can have a lightning fast connection to the Internet. Since your connection does not depend upon phone or cable lines you can expect very low latency and high bandwidth.


The blink of an eye is all that stands between you and the Internet. Our system typically introduces 30 milliseconds, or 3/100ths of a second, of Latency. Other Wireless systems that employ satellite technology can take 2 full seconds or more, just to the satellite!


Hot Spot Broadband offers the best bandwidth available. Whether you use bandwidth to transmit large amounts of data, for research and development, for communication purposes or online gaming – you will be amazed at the speed of a wireless connection!


Both Residential and Business users are also protected from unwanted intrusions (hackers) by multiple firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems. Our Wireless systems are not vulnerable to “WarDrivers” and do not rely on the easily compromised WEP standard; thus your Internet traffic and personal information is protected from prying eyes.


Hot Spot Broadband works with multiple Tier 1 ISPs, which means our customers are guaranteed access to the Internet, even if one of our Tier 1 providers experiences a major outage. In addition, we’ve ensured network reliability by designing a fault tolerant network that is monitored 24/7 using cutting edge software that proactively averts potential outages or overloads.


For the residential user, Hot Spot Broadband offers superior service at rates comparable to cable or DSL. For the commercial user, Hot Spot Broadband means you can save on the cost of fiber or leased lines by bypassing the local loop! Hot Spot Broadband can offer any upload download combination from 3Mbps synchronous to full line rate DS3.

* Hot Spot Broadband service is available wherever there is a line of sight between the customer service location and a Hot Spot Broadband access point.

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